Day in the life of a Stateroom Attendant: Celebrity Cruises

‘Anna had an active & fulfilling day interacting with guests & crew’

If you can, try your best to sit through this cheese-fest of a video which seems to have been produced by Celebrity Cruises as a learning tool for new staff.  Now,  we’re pretty sure this video doesn’t paint a terribly realistic picture of life as a stateroom attendant.  All the staff we have ever encountered have been cheerful, friendly and enthusiastic to help with anything but they were always busy to the point of breaking.

We spoke candidly with a stateroom attendant a few years ago and she confirmed that her working day would be between 12-16 hours long with minimal rest breaks.  Rules were strict and heavily enforced and there was little sense of job security.  The girl we spoke to worked for Royal Caribbean International but said that the lifestyle and culture was the same with other lines she had worked for.

So whats the point of this?  Quite simple.  The guys who look after you and bend over backwards to make your cruise memorable are paid peanuts. They work harder than you can believe .  If you can afford a cruise, you can afford to give your stateroom attendant a generous tip at the end of the cruise.  Be generous!!!!

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