You can create articles & News on CN

Hi Crow’s Nest people!

Long time no see from me! Life’s been busy!

Anyway, I’ve been looking at using the CN website in a new way. We can all agree that the forum (and forums in general) is tailing off. Sad times but that’s progress for you. I still have no intention in shutting it down but i thought we could look at some new ideas. For those of you who use the forum, you may be aware that there is a front page to the site…..┬áIn the past, i’ve tried to post news and interesting cruise related stuff there and share it out to you all. It’s not always easy for me and honestly, it got chucked on the back burner for far too long. I’m going to try and get back on it if i can. The new bit is you guys can also contribute if you like. I’ve created a system where you can login to the CN front page with your social media accounts (I don’t collect data) and you can then create articles, post reviews, add pictures/media share stuff from the news…..whatever you like.

If you are interested in posting material, feel free to be become a guinea pig for CN!

You’ll find the new register/login button posted on the front page as well as the ‘submit an article’ link too.


Cunard Queen VIctoria